The TouGas library TouLib provides reliable stimulation fluid designs and performance data for hydraulic fracturing and acidizing. Fluid designs are available for a variety of different water qualities across a broad temperature range. TouLib offers customers robust fluid designs with an excellent share response for challenging reservoir conditions. These fluid designs improve efficiency of their oil & gas operations for applications including:
  • Acid fracturing
  • Well stimulation in HTHP reservoirs
  • Acidizing with specialty corrosion inhibitors
  • Hydraulic fracturing without fresh water

Identify the best stimulation fluid design for your reservoir conditions here.


Delivery Details
  • Comprehensive stimulation fluid design database
  • Search for stimulation fluids covering a broad range of water specifications, temperatures and other performance data
  • Specific data reports including performance charts
  • Easy to access through or

  • Online access to a comprehensive collection of fluid design data
  • Supports effective stimulation fluid design by benchmarking performance data
  • Allows customization for your specific application in the field
  • Please contact to discuss customized fluids for your reservoir conditions

  • Online Subscription
  • Direct Data Access
  • Technical Support and Training by email, phone, workshops
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